Sometimes, you'll walk into a place - absolutely clueless on what awaits you. Then, you get... lucky. This was one of those occasions.

Linden Suites Tower II, Amethyst Street, Ortigas Center
Pasig City • Tel: 633-4259

The view from outside was what attracted me. Very small space (about 30 sq. meters) but neat, clean-looking and tastefully punctuated by provocative paintings.

And then, something even more delightful:

Recession-sensitive prices!

I opted to try Mozu's Lechon Laing. Authentic, Bicolano-tasting spicy laing topped by crispy lechong kawali. Plus rice... and two sauces for your meat - one, a'la Mang Tomas and the other, spicy and garlicky.

The place is also a mini Starbucks of sorts serving a wide variety of coffee, tempting cheesecakes and chocolate pastries.

Plus some pretty creative smoothies and juices.
(My only beef, the industrial-strength aircon is too darn powerful for such a small place; one's food gets cold quite rapidly. A downer for people who eat ohhhh sooo slowwwwly.)

After I got my bill of less than P400, I told myself I will definitely come back to try the Buttered Fish the server was raving about.

And, perhaps, schedule several more visits to try each and every treat in the all day breakfast listing.

However, I'll make sure I'll take a seat far, far away from the aircon.

my fearless rating:

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