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PEPI CUBANO Sandwiches
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Kris Aquino features Pepi Cubano in her magazine

Many of the world's most popular sandwiches first gained popularity amongst the working classes, and such is the case with the hearty Cuban sandwich.

Cuban workers during the early 20th century often purchased hot meat and cheese sandwiches from vendors stationed inside their workplaces. When many of these workers migrated to the United States, especially in the southern Florida region, they brought many of their recipes and food traditions with them, including the original ingredients of their beloved "Cuban sandwich," also known as a cubano.

A long time resident in the US has come home with something Cuban in her luggage: the much sought-after recipe of authentic Cuban sandwiches. And her version has been christened... Pepi Cubano.

Pepi Cubano, a traditional Cuban sandwich, begins with a special bread similar to the long French bread loaves.

The Cuban bread is sliced down the middle like a submarine bun, then buttered. Thin slices of pork roast marinated in a special sauce is then added to the sandwich, followed by thin slices of ham.

In the Tampa, Florida area, where the Americanized version of the Cuban sandwich is believed to have originated, the ham may be replaced with thin slices of salami. Next comes a layer of Swiss cheese, followed by thin slices of dill pickle.

Pepi Cubano sandwiches can be served cold, but generally are placed in a heated sandwich press until the cheese has melted and the bread has become grilled.

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